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Articles by white liberal elitist women and why Hillary Clinton lost - this posted 5 years ago today

 Articles by white liberal elitist women and why Hillary Clinton lost 

Below is a comment I posted on my FB page and on the Teachers College Columbia University. Note this blog has been updated on January 8, 2017. 

I'm tired of the liberal articles by liberal white elitist women with white elitist husbands, complaining and sorry for being white, worried about being white, raising their white children in their white neighborhoods, and driving them to their private white schools.

No one has the right to cast stones or accuse anyone of anything, and no one should ever excuse themselves for being White, Black, Hispanic, whatever.

I'm tired of Hillary Clinton voters accusing women who didn't vote for her of being unsupportive and hostile towards women. I think everyone needs to get over it, go for walks instead of march in protests, and face reality, our new President-Elect is Donald Trump - who was voted in by Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. Regardless both presidential candidates were equally bad/wrong for holding presidential title; Unfortunately, our great United States of America as we once knew it, is doomed and on the brink of economic collapse

As of January 2017, the media reports that our great governmental officials are accusing Russia of interfering to control presidential election votes. Yet no mention of other reasons why Clinton lost. How can the media not mention the reason being due to disgraced political New York 9th congressional district's former representative Anthony Weiner (aka “Carlos Danger”) who was sexting to teenagers as early as 2010 through November 2016 (when he got caught) all while his wife, Huma Abedin Weiner was campaigning with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? Instead, our media blames the FBI for doing its job. Media bias? You be the judge.

This is just one of the many reasons why we need to shut down the "political liberal correct" Department of Education." Not only MEDIA BIAS but EDUCATIONAL BIAS IN OUR UNIVERSITIES. Can you imagine what educators are doing to our younger students in the lower, middle, and high school grade levels? Our educational system has turned into nothing but a sess-pool for brain-washing educators and students with bull-shit and encouraging them to behave like liberals or else, "no funding, no grants, no raises, no pencils, no paper." Education is supposed to be a platform for freedom, leadership and open-mindedness, not brain-washing. Do they realize the risk of potential terrorism they breed every time they create biased protests and havoc? putting students at risk of death and injury.

On Sunday, January 8th during the 2017 Golden Globes awards, Meryl Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Her acceptance speech did not mention acting, film, and her career but instead, Streep went on to spend 5 minutes criticizing the status quo of politics, accusing President-elect Donald Trump of bullying Serge Kovaleski, disabled New York Times reporter with a condition called arthrogryposis. Streep ultimately patronized a disabled reporter on national TV during what was supposed to be an entertainment event - non-opinionated, non-political.  By the way, Meryl Streep winning 20 Oscars illustrates the Oscar Academy Awards is a farce discriminatory and way too political, the audacity to use entertainment for propaganda and brainwashing Americans is disgusting. 

Did Serge Kovaleski ever accuse Trump of bullying him? I honestly believe the reporter, although disabled, is a fully competent human being and man enough to speak up for himself.

Did disabled NYT reporter, Serge Kovaleski, really need to be pitied and patronized on national TV by Meryl Streep?

The 4:55 minute video is on a posting by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) (or copy/paste link in your browser:

It was obvious from Streep's opinionated speech that it was more of a patronizing, pity and sore loser tactic especially since her BFF Hillary Clinton lost the election, an election campaign that liberal elitist Streep worked so hard campaigning for her, obviously, Streep's efforts weren't effective enough, obviously we the people finally saw the fluff - Streep is not living in the real world and is out of touch.

Do I need to remind you that Meryl Streep is a white liberal elitist, living in an all-white neighborhood, riddled with botox, cheek implants, and all sorts of plastic surgery, sent her kids to all-white schools, etc.? Need I say more?

Streep also requested that the HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS "protect journalists." Don't we have police, law enforcement, FBI, etc., for protection? Aren't journalists powerful enough to protect themselves?

Do you think Streep's approach was a desperate attempt to spread more dissension, racial polarization and create havoc/riots in our American society? Do you think was more propaganda? DO YOU THINK MERYL STREEP'S APPROACH IS POTENTIALLY STALINIST? Don't you think that disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski can handle his own issues while working on the job?

Schools and colleges are giving students time off due to Hillary Clinton losing her dream. This is pathetic liberalism and a form of brainwashing and propaganda that serves no purpose other than to cause violence, hatred, and divisiveness in our schools ~ making our students imprisoned and ignorant instead of empowered and intelligent.

Parents are paying for 4 years of kindergarten instead of 4 years of college. All the more reason why exorbitant tuition costs and fees need to be lowered and less government subsidy as well as lowering teachers/instructors/professors salaries. Our students are being deprived of a good education and we the people, parents, and student loans are still footing the bill. This is crazy

As Hillary Clinton would always say "face the facts" and "what difference does it make?" Donald Trump is President-Elect, and she can thank herself and her campaign for that. She ruined her chances of making herstory, not Donald Trump or the Republicans.

Honestly, can't everyone comprehend how people were disgusted with the way the Clinton campaign was run ~ like that of a candy store circus. The fact is the middle and poor working-class Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. were all fed up with the way our country has been footing the bill for nonsense, constantly paying higher taxes, etc. for corrupt programs that do nothing but favor the ultra-liberal rich and paying higher healthcare insurance to essentially foot the bill for illegal immigrants, etc.

On the matter of ObamaCare. I do believe intentions are good and a good start. However, healthcare reform is desperately needed. Costs must be lowered significantly and we need choice and competition for some procedures. (Recall the many procedures that weren't covered by healthcare were thousands of dollars and eventually went down to $299 like Lasix eye surgery, etc.)

While I'm on healthcare: A very successful alternative to healthcare insurance is what many large hospital chains are doing ~ cutting out insurance companies altogether and insuring patients themselves. This saved millions of dollars for patients and hospitals/physicians received more money. For example, patient pays their health insurance premiums directly to the hospital group rather than through insurance companies thus reducing costs phenomenally. That is the type of healthcare reform our country needs ~ choice to choose or pay more through the corrupt insurance company where 90% of the money goes to the insurance companies (mostly to the greedy CEO salaries) rather than the healthcare.

The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump won fair and square, yet Hillary Clinton spent more than twice as much as he did. (According to the Washington Post, as of September 30th Hillary spent a total of $1.3 Billion (vs $795 Trump) of that $556M campaign (vs $284M Trump) $544M Party Fundraising (vs. $486.7M Trump), $188M Super Pacs (vs. $60.1M Trump). (These numbers will be higher to account for October and November spending.)

Yet the media touted Clinton's higher campaign $$$ spending as an advantage over Trump ~ MEDIA PROPAGANDA AT WORK? You be the judge.

After the election presidential elect sore loser, Jill Stein (who never even stood a chance with less than 1% total votes) began fundraising for a recount in 3 states with the following results:
-PA - rejected count;
-MI - denied Jill Stein's appeal;
-WI - Trump ended up with 131 more votes).

Yet the dumb Green Party, lead by political, corrupt, crook Jill Stein raised $7 million in donations only to prove water is wet (Trump had more votes after all). More waste of energy, time and we the people's monies. Green Party recount came to a close on December 13, 2016.

Never once did the media mention Hillary Clinton's comments i.e.,"I wish he was an American and not a Muslim," while referring to a terrorist attack, saying "What I say to people publicly is different than what I personally feel," etc. mocking particular religions and ridiculing others, etc.

Trump mentions immigrant reform he's labeled "racist" but when Bill Clinton mentioned it back in 1995 he was applauded. (see the image and there is also a video on the Liberal Logic site.

We the people felt that the Democratic campaign was a disaster for many reasons especially for what Representative Deborah Wasserman Schultz, former chair of the democratic national committee, did to the democrat's own, Bernie Sanders.

A blatant example of the way Hillary Clinton would have run the White House ~ Lies, cheats, greed, back-stabbing their own, racial polarization, patronizing the ultra-rich for her own financial gain, not to mention selling White House access to Clinton Foundation donors. She and her fellow democrats call her "Presidential."

Well, the election voted otherwise. Let's not even include the email scandal, Donna Brazile questions, Benghazi, etc. We the people just had enough and needed change.

Resources will be added as they come in:

A message from the President and Provost, Teachers College Columbia University


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