Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's Your New Year reSEOlution: Top Ten reSEOlutions for 2010

You’ve tried several years before but this time, come January 1, 2010 your New Year reSEOlution is to be more SEOrganized, pay more attention to the detail, save on SEM spending and track those milestones once and for all. You’ve been ready since January 2007 but are so busy that you get off track and end up putting it back in the rainy-day pile for next quarter. Hundreds of rainy days later and you have no idea what your SEO program is let alone the basic concept of relevant keywording and linkbuilding. There are probably hundreds to thousands of FREE SEO tips you can incorporate into your internet marketing program. I’ve listed below a top ten list to help jump-start your 2010 New Year reSEOlution. Along the way, I’ve included a few helpful URLs that will provide you with many more SEO tips to choose from.

1. Review your SEO stats for the past 3 years, if possible, and analyze and incorporate SEO strategies and plans accordingly

2. Create a spreadsheet of your SEO program and include timelines, milestones and all the other relevant items. Make sure you update and review this sheet on a daily to weekly basis and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly; Don’t forget to leave plenty of space to add on to as you move down this list

3. Review meta tag keywords and make sure a comma is after each keyword and that the max is no more than 250 characters (including spaces); This is a common error that is overlooked, however, this can make or break you organic positioning

4. Incorporate keywords in your anchor text; this can take a very long time to complete depending on how many links are on your web site. You may want to segment and delegate this to several on your team and schedule updates on a regular basis

5. Update meta tag descriptions regularly, and make sure the characters do not exceed 200 (including spaces); Meta tag description is the snippet that is included with your organic search listing. The more creative and appealing your copy with relevant keywords that match your web site the better chances you have of being indexed more prominently

6. Review title tags and make sure you use 3 to 4 relevant keywords, repeating them each at least 2X but no more than 3X; Characters should not exceed 150 (including spaces) For example, a jewelry site might have the following title: "AnnHarringtonJewelry.com, discount diamond rings, diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings, antique jewelry, modern jewelry" – note the web site URL address is 1st, then followed by the use of keywords "diamond" used 3X, "rings" used 2X, and "jewelry" used 3X, all relevant to this the web site; All following the SEO industry standard as mentioned in this section (see 1st sentence).

7. Maximize the social networks, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. For ideas on how, visit these 2 resourceful sites that have plenty of suggestions - searchengineland.com and seomoz.org

8. If you have many images, make sure you are incorporating image tags into your code otherwise you risk spiders and crawlers ignoring your site

9. Optimize your site map; I’m amazed at how many web sites are not optimizing their site maps; Yes you’ve had a site map since the web site was first created but is it optimized to include relevant keyword descriptions, etc?

10. Submit your site to reputable search engines such as Yahoo, DMOZ, Aviva, Business.com, etc.

Remember your 2010 new year reSEOlution program is a WIP (work in progress) and the more regularly you review, update and add to your existing SEO program, the more impact your SEO will have to your bottom line.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2010!

written by Gloria Buono Daly (c) 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods vs Slutty Women vs Charitable Organizations: Their World According to Google Search Results

What is our world coming to? During this time of giving and celebration, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc., the world according to Google search results (see tables below), is more concerned with Tiger, Elin and the other women instead of charitable organizations and giving. Thank you media! Why does our world always want to see the big guy fall down?
Photo above: The Woods Family in better times. As appeared on sun-sentinel.com, Getty Images Feb 17,2009

I’m truly hoping that Elin and Tiger Woods pull through this.  I’m also hoping that Tiger decides to donate monies to charities instead of to all those “what would you call them, they deny they are prostitutes, hummm hellooo!” (Oops, one exception - Jamie Junger who emphasizes she did not receive money from Tiger).  Do we really care about kiss and tell stories by these slutty women who appear to act like prostitutes? At this point, the issue is out, and if I were Tiger, screw the gold-digging slutty women and donate to charity instead of paying them off to not speak. Why place money on those sluts to only encourage more to come out and try to get rich off of you? Feed the poor; Not those filthy, sluts!  I'm also disappointed in Gloria Allred, Esq. In my opinion paying someone to keep their mouth shut is also a form of prostitution. Hilarious that suddenly these sluts want to come off as being saints, dugh! I'm hoping that we the people all try searching for some charitable organizations and think about volunteering, doing some good, donating to the poor and hungry, etc. Here are a few popular charitable organizations: United Way, Catholic Charities, City of Hope, Make A Wish Foundation, American Red Cross, United States Golf Association, National Christian Foundation, Salvation Army (oops almost forgot this one, not on the list below). And let's light a candle for Elin and Tiger's children, instead of reading all that sensational crap out there online, on tv and in print.

Below is a brief summary snapshot of my findings from Google exact searches as of 12/14/2009. The analysis below illustrates all things Tiger, Elin and other women represent almost nine-tenths (87.762%) of the total Google exact search results while only about an eighth, 12.38%, exact search results coming from some of the most popular charitable organizations.

Below are descriptions of exact search from which the summary totals above were derived.

Source: Google Exact Search, 12/14/2009

written by Gloria Buono Daly (c) 2009