Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wow, Google created an adorable doodle today for my B-Day; You can have one for your B-Day too.

I got a really cute surprise treat this morning when I went to the computer. Google created an adorable doodle for my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, LOL. I'm amazed, and never dreamed Google would do this. The doodle has candles, cupcakes and all...What a sweet thing to do!

Thank you Google for all you do! Thanks to all my friends, colleagues and family! And enjoy a cupcake or two on me today! :)

The rewards of digital, social media, and evangelism! My best to all today! I'm feeling happy! I'm sure Google can do the same for you -- simply set up your Google+ and make sure to enter your birthday and see what happens on your special day.

First I thought it was my imagination or "was I dreaming?". But when I moused over the doodle, it displayed "Happy Birthday Gloria!"


  1. This looks really very nice. Google really creates awesome doodles during festivals and occasions.
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    1. wow, I just noticed this. Thank you so much for your much appreciated comment. It really means a lot :)

  2. Wow, what a Happy Surprise! How incredibly sweet! And speaking of feeling
    I'm connected to this world, well if connected with Google, Is that not the world.?
    Now, am I the only one who sees Happy Birthday Rachelle?, THANK YOU!

    1. That is too funny. Thank you Rachelle, hope your birthday was great!