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'One to One with Gloria' and Beverly Beaudoin on the red carpet at The 3rd Elly Awards at The Plaza Hotel on June 25, 2013 – See what you missed video

“...It’s marvelous. I couldn’t be happier. It personally touches me because we’re awarding 12 awards today to 12 outstanding women who have shown that you can get your life back on track and the key to it is a good education. What The Women’s Forum does through our Education Fund program is open the doors so that women can walk through and get that education, get their lives back on track and help change the world...” ~~ Beverly Beaudoin , President of the Education Fund of the Women’s Forum, and Chief Strategy Officer for BoomBox Inc. as quoted on the red carpet during quoted during The 3rd Annual Emmy Awards, The Plaza Hotel, New York City, June 25, 2013

Below is the latest video, 'One to One with Gloria' and Beverly Beaudoin during red carpet at The 3rd Annual Elly Awards at The Plaza Hotel, New York City on June 25, 2013.


I was very impressed by executive leader, Beverly Beaudoin, President of the Education Fund of the Women’s Forum of New York. The fund gives grants to women over 35 who have gotten their life back on track, to enable them to attend college. Beaudoin, an honoree of the New York Women’s Agenda in 2011, is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of BoomBox Inc. one of the fastest growing award winning digital agencies in the country. She leads a team of digital strategy experts who work closely with their top Fortune 500 company clients to find new insights for building a thematically relevant brand story. She is a big picture person who loves analyzing a client's needs and connecting the dots that lead to big insights and strategies. She delivers on those strategies, having launched breakthrough products during her career. Beverly holds a M.S. in Communications from Columbia University and a B.A. from Boston College.

More information about The Elly Awards event is at blog titled The 3rd Annual Elly Awards honors Maria Cuomo Cole and Pat Mitchell: Eve Ensler moderates leadership conversation with honorees. There's plenty of Elly Awards photos on FACEBOOK too!

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