Monday, February 6, 2012

Some SUPERBOWL Ad Resources 2012

“It’s halftime in America and our second half is about to begin.”

                  ~~ Clint Eastwood, American film actor, director, producer, composer and politician

                                 (Chrysler Superbowl Commercial premiered at Super Bowl XLVI (46), February 5, 2012

Here's a listing of some interesting sites about Superbowl XLVI ads. Best to copy/paste than to click on link. Enjoy the game. I'm looking forward to viewing this years ads - although we all saw them in advance thanks to digital! As in last year, my favorite is still E-Trade Baby commercials.

-E-Trade BABY Superbowl Commercial 2012 "Speed Dating Baby" - baby giving dad sound financial advice! Great takeaway - babies are smarter than one thinks! LOL
- Super Bowl Ads 2012: Here Are The Winners And Losers, Super Bowl ads: the definitive top 10 listing of the top 10 lists


  1. Thanks for the resources that you posted, and I liked the fact that you are not using livable link(s) to decrease the saturation of your blog.

    Mine favorite is also E-Trade Baby commercials, they are surely the best in the business of Ads resources, others are good as well, but not great as them :)

  2. These are definitely the best Superbowl Ads Resources in the present date, and E-Trade Baby one is the best of all time, because they have got that natural flow of ideas that still conveys messages to the general audience and has the power to divert, narrow and expand the mind of viewer(s) into a whole new level.
    Surely, agreeing with you and thanks for posting.

  3. Hmm.. Some interesting sites about Superbowl XLVI ads, I have always been eager to know more about the companies that produces such type of ads, and now I am getting the answer. And I had never heard about the labels such as E-Trade Baby, Super Bowl commercial, thanks for providing the link about it, will surely check these all out.