Friday, March 25, 2011

My Little Quote for the Little Black Book of Career Advice

"Business, like life, isn't always fair. Whether on the job, volunteer assignment, whatever, I believe there will be situations when office politics or economic conditions just might attempt to compromise integrity, talent and career potential. Sometimes, we will need to burn those faulty infrastructural bridges in order to build greater ones to redirect your career path. Success is NOT about fitting in, popularity, or having the highest title or salary. Success is all about standing true to yourself and the accomplishments you achieve amidst all those obstacles along the way. So go ahead, change course, and don't forget to enjoy the ride!" -- Gloria Buono-Daly

I would often wonder if I was the only person who ever imagined that directing one's career sometimes required breaking those darn, dysfunctional, ties. Why kid yourself? I quickly learned that many coaches, HR experts and top leaders share this sentiment. We can't all be blinded by that very, old, cliche, intended for the docile masses in the workplace -- "don't burn bridges." I'll leave with where I started, "business, like life is unfair," but goes on. We all win when we continue to redirect and reinvent ourselves even if we happen to burn a few. Share your own career wit and wisdom quote by visiting
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By the way, Dee Dee Myers, the first woman to serve as White House Press Secretary, as well as being the second-youngest press secretary is campaign empowerment ambassador. Myers is also Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair; an analyst for CBS News; popular lecturer on politics, the media and women's issues; and author of the New York Times best selling book Why Women Should Rule the World. To read Myer's celebration of women and to learn more about her visit ◄►Empowerment Journal◄►

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