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2015 Super Bowl XLIX NBC TV ADs still selling and teaser ads already on YouTube ♦ ♦ ♦ 'Super Bowl advertising insights' by Gloria Buono-Daly

“I want to know what it's like to play in a Super Bowl and win one. My career will be great without it. But, personally, selfishly, I want to know what it feels like.
~~ Dan Marino, CBS Sports, Analyst THE NFL TODAY; Pro-Football Hall of Fame (2005) and former American football quarterback, played for Miami Dolphins (NFL). Despite never being on a Super Bowl-winning team, he is recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in American football history.

With the latest deflated "balls" controversy do you believe this will hype more to watch the game or hinder it?
This year, the Super Bowl XLIX will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, February 1st between the Seattle Seahawks, National Football Conference champion and American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2015 season. (Photo of University of Phoenix Stadium roof, above right, courtesy of photographer Fuzzy510 on

The New England Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls, 2001 (XXXVI), 2003 (XXXVIII), 2004 (XXXIX), and the Seattle Seahawks have won 1, 2013 (XLVIII).
Below is the 2015 Ad Spend grid with links to previous Super Bowls 2014 and 2013. For best user experience viewing the grids below, zoom to 125% or 150%.

* Super Bowl XLIX Advertising Grid as of January 27 update
* Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 Advertising Grid
* Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Advertising Grid

Hard to believe that 2015 marks the largest all time new Super Bowl advertisers, 15 new advertisers, since the last record back in 2000 during the dot com boom which had 19 new Super Bowl advertisers.

For all you social media evangelists out there, for your convenience is a listing of advertisers incorporating #hashtags into their USER PARTICIPATION ADS. Enjoy and tweet away:
<> Anheuser Busch: #UpForWhatever #BestBuds
<>BMW: #HelloFuture
<>Carls Jr.: #EatLikeYouMeanIt
<>Coca Cola: #MakeItHappy
<>Doritos: #CrashtheSuperBowl
<>Dove Men + Care: #realStrength
<>GoDaddy: #GoDaddyPuppy
<>Heinz: #ifyourehappy
<>Jurassic World: #JURASSICWORLD
<>Lexus (Toyota): #LexusNX
<>LocTite: #WinAtGlue
<>Mercedes Benz: #TheBigRace #TeamHare #TeamTortoise
<>Nationwide: #makesafethingshappen, #InvisibleMindy
<>Nissan: #WithDad
<>Skittles: #SettleIt
<>Snickers (Mars Inc): #EatASnickers
<>T-Mobile: #KimsDataStash
<> #ItsThatEasy

According to a recent National Retail Federation survey, 184 million Americans will be watching Super Bowl XLIX with average viewer spending of $77.88, up 14% from last year's $68.27 average viewer spend. The NRF survey also indicated that fans plan on splurging on various items from game day food and new televisions to athletic wear and decorations. Total spending according to the survey is expected to reach $14.3 billion.* (*Total spending is an extrapolation of U.S. population ages 18 and above.)

Super Bowl XLIX marks the second Super Bowl contested at University of Phoenix Stadium, which hosted Super Bowl XLII in February 2008, and the third Super Bowl contested in the Phoenix area, as Super Bowl XXX was held at Sun Devil Stadium in nearby Tempe on January 28, 1996.

NFL owners initially voted in November 2005 to award a Super Bowl to Kansas City, Missouri, in honor of Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, the founder of the American Football League (AFL) in the 1960s who helped engineer the annual game. Then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue further announced on March 5, 2006, that Kansas City would host Super Bowl XLIX.

However, the game was contingent on the successful passage of two sales taxes in Jackson County, Missouri, on April 4, 2006. The league then announced on October 11, 2011, that University of Phoenix Stadium will host Super Bowl XLIX.

The National Football Conference (NFC) leads the league with 26 wins to 22 wins for the American Football Conference (AFC) as of Super Bowl 2014.

According to AdAge, exec VP-sales and sales marketing, NBC Sports Group and NBC Universal News Group, Seth Winter, said that about a dozen new advertisers will be in digital commerce and technology.

Coca-Cola and GoDaddy are returning but running one commercial instead of the two from 2014.

As of January 21, only two full Super Bowl 2015 ads are on YouTube so far: Dove and two Victorias Secret ("Victorial Secret I'm in the Mood for Love" by Wall Street Journal and "Angels Play Football" both on YouTube), GoDaddy on and many others. See below:

PSA/CAUSE NFL - Domestic Violence ad

There are quite a few teaser ads and here's the link to the popular Doritos ("Crash The Super Bowl Contest). By the way, there are other YouTube ads (e.g., Olympic ads, Rocky Broadway Show ad, etc.) in-between but you can click on the "skip ad" located in the lower left corner to view the next Super Bowl teaser. Here are a few more Super Bowl 2015 teaser ads:

To view all of the latest Super Bowl XLIX 2015 teaser ads and full ads on YouTube click this link.

Super Bowl Sunday, known as the biggest day of the year for TV ads, is an American cultural phenomenon. This year it airs on NBC. According to a Variety article this past Sepember, NBC had sold roughly 75% (45 of 60 ads) and as of November 2014 at 90% (only about 8 30-second spot ads left to sell. Below is the 2015 Ad Spend grid with links to previous Super Bowls 2014 and 2013. For best user and viewing experience, zoom to 125% or 150%.

* Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Advertising Grid

* Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 Advertising Grid
* Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Advertising Grid

Since then, NBC has been focusing on selling ads in its digital stream of the game, commercials in pre-and post-game programming and content on NBC SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL in the week leading up to the Feb 1st event (beginning Sunday, January 25th).

Besides the excitement of the football game and the commercial TV ad spots, NBC 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, as in prior Super Bowl years, will be the most watched musical event of the year.

This year features 29-year-old singer, songwriter, Katy Perry, will perform during Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show. Perry has won two American Music Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, fourteen People's Choice Awards, and three Guinness World Records. In September 2012, Billboard dubbed her the "Woman of the Year".

According to a recent article, Perry will be joined by Lenny Kravitz.
Perry was declared the Top Global Female Recording Artist of 2013 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).[150] She has accumulated a total of nine number-one singles on the Hot 100, her most recent being "Dark Horse".

According to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Perry is the best-selling digital singles artist in the United States, with certified sales of 72 million digital singles including on-demand streaming. Her songs "Firework", "E.T.", "California Gurls", "Hot n Cold", "Roar", and "Dark Horse" have each sold over 5 million digital copies.

As of November 2013, Perry has sold 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide.

Past performers for the halftime show have included Bruno Mars, Beyonce and Destiny's Child (the electrical system iblack out for several minutes), Michael Jackson, U2, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, The Who, Prince, The Rolling Stones, and Janet Jackson featuring Justin Timberlake (with a special appearance of Janet Jackson's bare breast).
How much do these ads really cost?

According to the Los Angeles Times, NBC has sold all of its commercial inventory for February's big game for an average of $4.5 million per 30-second spot with a little discount for advertisers purchasing multiple ads. This price represents a 12.5% increase from FOX 2014 Super Bowl price ($4.0 million). However, last year, Fox reported one 30 second spot selling at $4.5 million.

Super Bowl 2015 calculates to an average rate of $150,000 per second for NBC using the $4.5 million per 30-second NBC TV ad spot rate.

For an updated pdf of the Super Bowl 2015 advertiser $ ad spend grid(sample screen-shot above left from 2013), visit Super Bowl XLIX Advertising Grid or email gmbdaly [at] gmail[dot]com with "NFL Super Bowl 2015 GRID request" in subject line (not all ads may be included in the grid but most will).

If you would like to have the grid from last year Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) visit Super Bowl 2014 Ad Spend Grid updated Jan 26, 2014 (may not include all of the spots,).

The usual including big players, Pepsi and Budweiser (Anheuser Bush) as well as other popular brands Toyota, are returning to the game this year while many are stepping out this year.

Automakers continue to back out of the Super Bowl (a whopping 62.5% drop from last year and a whopping 66% drop from Super Bowl 2013). Five automakers have backed out this year -- GM, Acura, VW, Acura, and Lincoln. There is estimated to be 15 new advertisers this year (versus 7 debut advertisers from 2014 and 8 from 2013).

The few new advertisers from 2014 have also backed out this year including Greek yogurt manufacturers Chobani and Oikos by Dannon, Cheerios (General Mills) and Wonderful Pistachios which featured Gangnam Style artist Psy in their ad.

A marketing trend gaining momentum at Super Bowls are the pre-game teaser ad campaigns. Pre-game teaser ad leaders include Pepsi, SquareSpace, Doritos, GoDaddy, and Intuit TurboTax . In 2014 Verge article as a result of all the pre-game hype, YouTube launched its first pre-game gallery (January 17th) that included 7 teasers of ads that broadcasted during Super Bowl 2014.

Although some advertisers are still not finalized, the latest advertising recap estimate by category is as follows:
8 automakers (counting Toyota twice Brand and Lexus) /same as in 2014)
1 aviation & defense (new category)
2 Fashion/Apparel (+1 change from last year)
5 Finance + Insurance (+3 change from 2014 wtith 2)
11 Food & Beverage
1 Movies (same as last year)
4 packaged goods (new from 2014)
1 PSA/CAUSE NFL ad - "" (1st time domestic violence ad during Super Bowl)
9 Tech, Tele, Online & Mobile Gaming (TECH&TELE NEW CATEGORY) (+8 from 2014)
1 travel (none from 2014) NEW CATEGORY FROM LAST YEAR

All in all, the latest figures indicate a total of 1,995 seconds yielding an ad spend of $299,250,000 for 43 TV commercials.

Super Bowl 2015 also marks the 18th NBC broadcast (with future scheduled to broadcast on NBC in 2018 and 2021). CBS holds the record with a total of 18 Super Bowl games (future games scheduled to air on CBS are 2016, 2019 and 2022)and FOX at 7 games(future games on Fox to air 2017, 2020, 2023). ABC has aired 7 Super Bowl games with no future dates planned.

The New England Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls and the Seattle Seahawks have won 1.

To request a pdf of the Super Bowl 2014 advertiser $ ad spend grid(see snapshot above from 2013), simply email gmbdaly [at] gmail[dot]com with "FOX Super Bowl 2014 GRID" in subject line or come back later for the direct link for you to download the pdf(link will be posted here soon).

Since 1989, the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter has been bringing viewers together to rate the commercials on hand-held meters. There’s still time for those interested in participating go to the USA TODAY ADMETER PAGE AT

AUDIENCE INFORMATION: The Super Bowl 2014 telecast of the Seattle Seahawks' victory over the Denver Broncos became the most-watched television event in U.S. history, drawing 111.5 million viewers. Superbowl 2013 was anticipated to outpull 2012 however according to Nielsen ratings, an audience of 108.4 million watched Super Bowl 2013, (more watched halftime, 110.5 million) short 3 million viewers versus 2012 – Superbowl 2012 game which brought in 111 million viewers and over 111 million people tuned in to watch the Giants prevail with a 21-17 victory. It will be interesting to see how NBC SPORTS fares for Super Bowl 2015.

Last year CBS reached a record $235.6 million in total Super Bowl 2013 advertising versus $250 million in 2012 as reported by The Fiscal Times. According to FOX 2014 Super Bowl ads have been sold out for months. Do you think FOX will outperform previous Super Bowl ads revenue?

Spectacular, Super Bowl 2014 Doritos ads

Here's the iconic, E*Trade Baby ad for Super Bowl 2013, sad they won’t be here for 2014:( Surely the E*Trade Baby will be missed by many.

There is also a January 2012 release on YouTube of "The 25 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time,” in descending order (25 down to 1 last). Most on the list are repeat advertisers including PepsiCo, Etrade “Babies”, Doritos, FedEx “Caveman," Bud Light, Toyota, etc.

In economic times, regardless of consumers pocket sizes, do you think famous celebrity, entertaining, etc., will be enough to get consumers to embrace the brand?

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To request a pdf of the Super Bowl 2015 advertiser $ ad spend grid(photo left is a snapshot from 2013), simply email gmbdaly [at] gmail[dot]com with "NBC Super Bowl 2015 GRID" in subject line or visit Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Ad Grid.

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