Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 10th Annual 'Work Life Matters' gala honors top companies for LGBT equality: The long lost video with John Payes of Microsoft is here.

"Work life balance affects everybody. Whether you're a male, female, parent, single, gay, straight, regardless of race or ethnicity. We're focusing on the LGBT community because these 12 companies for 2012 that are beign honored -- we not only honor them for their services and programs they provide but because we're hoping that companies who don't provide these services learn from them.”
~~ Lori Sokol, Ph.D.,
Founder and Publisher, Sokol Media Inc., December 4, 2012

Hoorah, we have located the long lost video with ~~ John Payes, Global Program Manager, Microsoft Worldwide Enterprise & Partner Group. See what you missed! In alphabetical order, here is the listing of this years corporations:

♦Campbell Soup Company
♦Credit Suisse
♦Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP
♦Discovery Communications
♦Eli Lilly & Co.
♦Fried Frank
♦New York Life
♦Orbitz Worldwide

James Grant Public Relations spearheaded the spectacular gala.

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