Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 10th Annual 'Work Life Matters' gala honors top companies for LGBT equality: See what you missed video

"Work life balance affects everybody. Whether you're a male, female, parent, single, gay, straight, regardless of race or ethnicity. We're focusing on the LGBT community because these 12 companies for 2012 that are being honored -- we not only honor them for their services and programs they provide but because we're hoping that companies who don't provide these services learn from them.”
~~ Lori Sokol, Ph.D.,
Founder and Publisher, Sokol Media Inc.

See what you missed! Watch this video montage of event highlights.

From the branded backdrop of company logos to the symbolic carpet of rich rainbow colors, premiere members-only, Club 101 on Park Avenue in New York City was the venue with the message as stellar attendees celebrated leading companies being honored for their leadership roles in LGBT equality.

This years event marked the 10th annual awards celebration honoring leading corporations who have made outstanding contributions to LGBT causes.

VIPs, performing artists, celebrities, philanthropists, authors, models, entrepreneurs, TV news media, and activists graced the “Rainbow” carpet and shared their beliefs about what it meant for them to attend this event and the importance of celebrating leading companies who support LGBT equality in work and in life so as to encourage more to do so. They also shared delightful insights. Stellar list of attendees included:

♦Rob Sedgwick, actor “Damages,” and “Law and Order” and author “Bob Goes to Jail” http://bobgoestojail.com
♦Annmaria Mazzini Sedgwick, acclaimed choreographer and former star dancer of The Paul Taylor Company and jewelry designer
♦Margot Bingham, the new face of Revlon and star of “In Between Men” http://www.margotb.com/
♦Nick Mathews, star of “In Between Men”
♦Cheryl Wills, Award Winning Anchor NY1 News Television and author Die Free: A Heroic Family Tale
♦Tamsen Fadal, Anchor WPIX News/Best Selling author/Producer
♦Lauren LoGiudice, International actor in film, TV, commercials; Essayist and solo playwriter/performer; Star of the film “When Harry Tries to Marry" and her latest original work "Garbo Dreams"
♦Camilla Barungi of “Project Runway,” fame/enterpreneur/activist
♦Josh Folan, star of newfilms “What Would Bear Do?” and “All God’s Creatures”
♦Javier Gomez, noted photo journalist and activist
♦Sebastian La Cause, star of hit series “Hustling” and acclaimed Broadway star Jessica Press, dancer, model, actress, star of hit series “Hustling”
♦Mike Ruiz, star of “The A-List: New York” fame and acclaimed photographer/activist http://www.mikeruiz.com/bio
♦Stacey Tisdale, Correspondent PBS “Need to Know” and founder of Winning Play$ http://www.truecostofhappiness.com/site/about-the-authors/
♦Jonathan Lovitz, American activist, entertainer and political aspirant

Lori Sokol, Ph.D., Founder and Publisher of Work Life Matters lead with opening remarks followed by keynote speakers Jonathan Lovitz, Advocate and Entertainer and Loreen Arbus, President Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc., and Disability Rights Activist/Philanthropist. The select list of Top Companies for 2012 represent the industry leaders who have spearheaded programs, partner benefits and other initiatives for equal opportunity for all employees including disabled. Additionally, these honorees have provided philanthropic contributions to LGBT organizations in support of the community-at-large.

In alphabetical order, here is the listing of this years corporations:

♦Campbell Soup Company
♦Credit Suisse
♦Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP
♦Discovery Communications
♦Eli Lilly & Co.
♦Fried Frank
♦New York Life
♦Orbitz Worldwide

James Grant Public Relations spearheaded the event.

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Work Life Matters Magazine is a national business publication that provides news and analysis about the corporate, public and social issues inherent in the quest for achieving effective work life balance on behalf of our nation’s workforce. Published since 2002, the publication annually pays tribute to companies that serve as leaders in their respective fields by providing innovative and effective work/life balance programs and policies for their employees. http://lorisokolphd.comhttp://www.worklifematters.info/

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  3. All companies need to embrace diversity including LGBT equality. It is so important to celebrate and honor diversity in work and in life. Also great to see straight people also celebrating and supporting this cause. To lead by example is commendable. Work Life Matters sounds like an excellent event. Looking forward to learning more by visiting the web site.