Friday, November 19, 2010 Video from Gloria Buono-Daly presents another video all about:

At one time or another, we all need to find a new place to live. After working as a licensed real estate agent for a very short time with my husband, Kevin Daly, who has been doing this for over 15 years now, I realize how important it is to be there to help apartment seekers and colleagues find a nice place to live and be within budget. This is why we work very hard and are dedicated to helping our clients and customers. We don't just want to rent or sell, we want to walk them through it all and educate them through every step of the process. We want to let everyone know about us so that in the event you or someone you know is looking to find a new place to call home in New York City, we are here for you. This is why we created this video, -- we want to let the world know -- so please spread the word. Thanks!!! Visit


Gloria Buono-Daly: Gloria is a native New Yorker and since her childhood years, she has spent countless hours exploring New York City with family and friends. As a corporate publishing and marketing communications professional, she brings extensive creative, administrative and managerial expertise coupled with a unique perspective to real estate.

Kevin Daly: Having come from a family who has been involved in Manhattan Real Estate for over a century, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about New York City. As a consistent top performing agent, he rents many BEST DEAL apartments and many are NO FEE to LOW FEE.

Here's our favorite quote about real estate:

Buy land, they're not making it anymore." --Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens)


  1. seasoned professionals! I like that word a lot! I am sure that it is harder than you think to become one and to handle being "off season" .. I mean you need to make money some how and some way right?!

    1. Absolutely, struggling especially when off season; RE agent not for everyone. No salary, no benefits, just commission so not good.

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