Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010 Streaming Media East: Will Online Video become as Ubiquitous as Text?

On Wednesday, May 12th I attended the 13th Annual Streaming Media East show at the Hilton in New York City and was amazed to learn about the latest online video trends and how these innovations are being utilized to impact and enhance user experience online.

The event was filled with so many people, products and services. Professionals in all areas of business, obviously with a passion for online video, attended including video content owners, viral video creators, online marketers, enterprise corporations, broadcast professionals, ad agencies, educators, etc.

Products and services from the latest high speed online video technologies for small mom and pop web site owners to enterprise solutions for major global corporations, Streaming Media East 2010 at the Hilton on Sixth Avenue in New York City was the place to be to learn all about the latest products and participate in discussions about how the various technologies for online video are impacting businesses worldwide.

It’s amazing when I realize how just a few years ago computer users and web site owners, myself included, stayed away from videos on the web due to the inordinate amounts system problems such as computer glitches, sluggish operations and even crashing.

This sentiment has obviously changed, and the web user experience is becoming more exciting and engaging as online video gains momentum now more than ever.

I was glad to have the opportunity to learn more about two products that I feel are well worth mentioning:, an online video platform for video editing, customization and monetization and, a CVC (Curated Video Content) system platform.

Among the advancements from are enhancements that enable web site owners to edit video frame/shells with customized background color, company logo in player chrome and loading screens, etc. creating a look and feel consistent with their respective web site themes; managing video inventories, creating playlists, integrating advertising networks and servers for monetization, and universal delivery systems to enable multi-bitrate streaming for multi-platform devices (e.g., iPod, iPad, connected TVs, etc.) intuitively done with simple clicks.

The user interface, has made online editorial video curation attainable for not only the rich and powerful community web sites such as Huffington Post but also for small to mid-sized publishers and web site owners., “a realtime video curator engine,” offers a free version that enables web site owners to gather videos from across the web and build their own video channel. The free version is limited but there are professional, magazine and events editions that feature more bells and whistles. I feel this product particularly benefits print and magazine publishers offering new web site launches to highlight their expertise for a particular product or service as there are endless ways to engage the user experience.

With all the latest online video technologies, tools and choices for web marketers and magazine publishers, taking their company web sites to the next level will be easier, more tailored and productive, and online video well-positioned to become as prevalent and ubiquitous as what text is on web today.

Do you think that online video will become as ubiquitous as what text is on the internet today? To answer this LinkedIn poll please click this link.

For more information about Streaming Media East, visit I’m already looking forward to the next Streaming Media East 2011 show scheduled for May 10-11, same place, Hilton, New York, NY and seeing some of you there.

written by Gloria Buono Daly

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