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book review by Gloria Buono-Daly
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“ . . . If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention . . . ~~ Simon Cowell , English reality television judge, A&R executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist, record and television producer on PR and getting attention   @SimonCowell (Photo above left, Simon Cowell courtesy Wikimedia.org

From 2nd century B.C. watermarks on hemp paper (origin China, later spreading to Middle East and Europe by A.D. 13th century) and centuries-old carvings on bricks, soaps, etc., to the latest mobile-multi-screen optimization and image-sharing viral marketing campaigns, the world of branding has been revolutionizing the way brands receive exposure and create that much-needed "bada-bada bing-bing-buzz."

With the increase in small-to-medium-sized brands continuing to gain leverage among the existing over-saturated big brands, now more than ever, the importance to stand out has become a necessity. "Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business" by entrepreneurial brand guru, Linzi Boyd, is an excellent resource for all brand strategists, particularly those small to medium sized business owners and marketers. From front to back covers and in-between pages, Boyd makes it loud and clear that standing out in the crowd involves a big, beautiful mouth and much, much, more.

In the ever-changing digital ecosystem, "Brand Famous" is a surprise eye-opener that compellingly conveys why “putting your brand where your mouth is” is integral for not only making your brand stand out above the competitive crowd but also for understanding the importance of transforming your business particularly in the revolving, multi-faceted world of digital and blogosphere.

If you are passionate about driving exposure and fame for your brand, and taking your brand to the most optimal level “Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business " by Linzi Boyd is what you will need to make your brand idea into a reality.

Intelligently crafted and written, “Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business " is organized into 8 sections:

        PART ONE – Standing Out From The Crowd
        PART TWO – The Five Steps To Stand-Out Brand Success

Boyd shares her deep thought processes and illustrates how passion, excitement and commitment are integral for brand fame and exposure. The book design sizzles with neon-orange markings throughout which compliment her deep insights and creativity.

“Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business " is highly recommended and comes with a GBDaly Smile Rating - 5 of 5 smiles Up ))))).
(Photo above left, Rogue Wave, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos)

Boyd explains why and how the importance of getting your brand's momentum going is by creating energy, buzz and using all platforms -- traditional print, evolving digital, mobile and ever-changing social media.

Besides wonderful helpful tips and examples throughout the book, Boyd shows you how anyone can make a business a household name. (Photo right, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos)

Boyd stresses the importance of knowing where your brand is at from the getgo, why you must become famous to achieve "brand fame" and how to "stand out from the crowd."

She does this by sharing her personal and professional experiences as well as helpful tips including her two diagnostics -- "BAROMETER OF FAME" and "STAND-OUT SURVEY."

Before you begin to PART ONE, you need to know how to apply these steps by knowing the level/mode your brand is in (e.g., 01. BUILD, 02. RENOVATE or 03. REFRESH). Boyd also provides an excellent how-to with more helpful questions which help you achieve your starting point. (Photo above left of BRAND image and below right of FORTUNE/FAME image courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.)


Based on her 20 years experience in making brands famous, her 8-point barometer scale helps you understand where your brand is now and what you need to do to make your brand famous.

Boyd shares the many questions about your brand or business you need to answer in order for you to have clear grasp of what your brand currently is and how famous your brand is or is not.


According to Boyd, "STAND-OUT" success involves many forms of engagement in order to be successful, and there must be a solid strategic plan with well-thought out objectives and specific quantified results so as to obtain desired ROI.
"When you are a stand-out brand you will no longer have to fight for a place in the market, you will simply take ownership of the marketplace." ~~~ Linzi Boyd, (pg 34)
"Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business" also includes her step-by-step method for building, renovating and refreshing your brand. Boyd helps you dig deep every step of the way including dealing with any obstacles or setbacks you may have.


Boyd's "surgical operation" (aka THE METHOD) includes a 5-step sequence which is needed in order for your brand to "stand-out" from the crowd. Each of these steps can be used as a standalone.
        STEP 01 #DISCOVER (going beneath the passion)
        STEP 02 #CREATE (fit the brand use the right tools)
        STEP 03 #CONNECT (reach your target audience/s)
        STEP 04 #COMMUNICATE (360-degree PR strategy)
        STEP 02 #EVALUATE (track KPI and ROI)

"Brand Famous" helps readers understand why some brands are successful while others are lost in the over-saturated crowd. Largely due to not knowing what their brand stands for. (Photo left of success schematic and below right of brand strategy diagram courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.)

“Brand Famous - How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business," by Linzi Boyd is a must-have for all those marketers who need a solid brand strategy and want to know the best way to bring exposure and awareness to their brand all while simplifying the complex aspects. Gloria Buono-Daly smile rating, 5 smiles up ))))).
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“Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business," by Linzi Boyd is on sale at bookstores everywhere.
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Brand Famous - How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business
book review by Gloria Buono-Daly
GBDaly Smile Rating - 5 of 5 smiles Up )))))

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is CEO of Surgery Group, Board Member for Shirlaws Coaching, The School of Brand Fame and author Number One Brand Best-Seller ‘Brand Famous.’

Boyd has launched, developed and sold is a successful business woman and business management speaker who has successfully launched, developed and sold many businesses.

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