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The Digital Marketer:
Ten New Skills You Must Learn To Stay Relevant And Customer-Centric

book review by Gloria Buono-Daly
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“Customers will take power from institutions (especially companies) through their access to precise pricing, social voice and ability to buy anything, from anywhere, from anyone, at any time... In the future, all companies will be software companies. To stay relevant in the age of the customer, marketing leaders must be able to adapt to – and exploit – the four market imperatives that are driving the rise of the empowered customer…" ~~ George Forrester Colony, Chairman and CEO, Forrester Research, Inc.,, excerpt taken from Foreward, page xi, The Digital Marketer #TheDigitalMarketer

The world of digital marketing and communications technology has quickly altered the digital landscape and ecosystem particularly in the past 5 years.

According to many sources including a Harris Interactive Customer Experience Impact Report conducted by Oracle, internet globalization has been providing unlimited choices for consumers who now run the show.

An estimated 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company due to bad customer experiences; This is an increase of 46% (or +27 percentage points) from 59% four years ago.
(Photo above left, Opte Project visualization of Internet Globalization routing paths courtesy Wikimedia)

The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson share their expertise and decades of experiences to clarify and describe how modern communications technology is changing consumer behavior and creating shifts in marketing concepts, practice and careers. (Photo below right courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.)

Although marketing objectives have remained the same for decades –- i.e., increasing customer acquisitions and retention -- the methods and technologies of achieving consumer growth have changed phenomenally as big data coupled with evolving technologies and consumer platforms continue to enhance the experiences, participation and voices of consumers.

The Digital Marketer includes the top latest trends and technologies that all marketers need to know so as to effectively plan, implement and succeed as well as various aspects pertaining to the preparedness and anticipation for constant disruption. I've already incorporated many of insightful tips throughout the book. You too can be inspired and motivated to do the same by reading The Digital Marketer by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson.


The first of ten skills-sets in The Digital Marketer explains the importance of you – what I refer to as reinventing the "reinventing yourself" concept. Weber and Henderson also discuss “” (being more than your brand and your presence for various social environments) and the importance of being your "own human resources manager," wearing your many hats, understanding your potential, skill-sets, and your drive for self-improvement.

Taking charge of your own career, being your own small business entity and resourcefulness are crucial before any marketing contribution you make can be successful and have impact. Sitting still and waiting for marketing things to happen in our new world of “customer-centric” marketing, is the riskiest thing a marketer can do. (Photo below left human head with #socialnetwork symbols, courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.)
The authors explain how “Know Thyself” is knowing your story, your self awareness and stressing the importance of social media with concrete examples such as posting an “About Me” board on #Pinterest, taking advantage of #LinkedIn, #Facebook, and many other relevant #digital #socialNetworking. Valuable tips include hashtags to explore -- #personalbranding, #career, #careeradvice, #startYOU.


The Digital Marketer helps marketers understand why and how the usual PR hype and brand loyalty paradigms are no longer enough to engage customers. The new customer-centric world is filled with opinionated, social and digitally savvy consumers. Along with the ever-changing marketing trends and evolving technologies, many factors impact customer experience from search, digital to instore retail, ecommerce and many other customer experiences. The more digital marketers understand and meet their customer's needs, the more relevant user experiences and potential participation. (Photo right courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.)

Consequently, an entirely new style of marketing has emerged. Big data, digital communications and many other marketing trends continue to dominate the new world of consumer-centric relevancy. The Digital Marketer delineates how marketing has evolved exponentially in only 5 years, and describes how it will continue to evolve as new technologies breed constant disruption.


Digital marketing is a complex field and involves hundreds to thousands of technologies and tools that are constantly evolving to connect marketers with informed and vocal consumers. The latest digital marketing changes not only bring unprecedented challenges for creating experiences that are more personal and meaningful for customers but also bring constructive, exciting and fulfilling marketing careers like no other profession.

The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric, by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson is a must read for entry to senior level marketers as well as future generation marketers. The authors share their decades of experiences and use intriguing case studies that include pertinent thought processes that help marketers understand the intricacies of the many changing technologies as well as the complex marketing and customer engagement platforms.

“The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric,” by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson explains the importance of the latest technologies and trends including big data, digital loyalty, predictive analytics, and many others that are used in today’s digital marketing arena. (photo right courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos)

“The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric,” by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson would also be a great read for digital analysts, social media managers, and anyone interested in learning about the world of digital marketing. Gloria Buono-Daly smile rating, 5 smiles up ))))).

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If you want to want to learn the importance of relevancy, customer-focused marketing trends and skills needed to stay on top, as well as understand the reality of constant disruptions, you need to read The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn To Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric" by Larry Weber and Lisa Leslie Henderson. The book is on sale at bookstores everywhere.
(photo right courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos)

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@TheLarryWeber (Boston, MA), is Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global (@RacepointGlobal), an advanced marketing services agency.

He is the founder of Weber Shandwick and MITX, the world’s largest Internet marketing association, and the author of four previous books on marketing, technology, and leadership.

LISA LESLIE HENDERSON @ljlhendo (Boston, MA), writes, teaches, and consults on the changing face of marketing, creativity and innovation, and social entrepreneurship.
This is the second book upon which she has collaborated with Larry Weber.


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