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Super Bowl TV $ ad costs through the years

Ad spending during the Super Bowl games has always been a huge topic not only for the creative content but controversy over the cost of the ads. To think that a 30 second ad sold for roughly $42,000 (Super Bowl I in 1967) and now 48 years later the cost for a 30 second spot for Super Bowl XLVIII is $4 million, with a few advertisers paying up to $4.5 million. This represents an increase of 9,423%.

The spreadsheet below lists Super Bowl ad prices for a 30 second spot over the past 48 year Super Bowl history (from it's first in 1967 through the 48th in 2014). As of Jan. 25, the spreadsheet has been updated with the respective national TV network airing that Super Bowl year (see the last column to the right of spreadsheet below). For those interested in a PDF version, a link will be available shortly or you may email me at gmbdaly [at] gmail [dot] com.

Worth noting, is that a 30 second spot ad during Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) sells for $4 million compared to $2.4 million for the previous decade (2005).

Interestingly, this 66.7% increase over the past 10 years (2014 - 2005) is the fifth lowest % increase in Super Bowl history compared to 1985 which has the highest percent increase at +377.5% for a 30 second spot at $525,000 versus $110,000 a decade earlier during Super Bowl 1976.

I wonder what this tells us about our economy. What do you think it means for the future of Super Bowl TV ad rates? According to a recent BusinessWeek blog by Eric Chemi, Super Bowl Ad Insanity Explained in Six Charts, assuming the average growth rate continues into the future,"my take is that rates can potentially reach $6 million in the 2020s, $8 million in the 2030s, and $10 million by 2040" says Chemi.

These stats are still speculative however given the recent % changes year to year averaging about $200,000 a year increases over the past few years, here is how I anticipate increases: $5 million by 2020, $6 million by 2025, and $7 million by 2030, $8 million by 2035, $9 million by 2040, and $10 million by 2045. Similar but about $1 million less than Chemi's take.

Super Bowl Sunday, known as the biggest advertising day of the year will reach well over $2 billion ad spending over the past 12 years (from 2003 - 2014).

Stay tuned for my next blog which will include the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 $ Ad Spend Grid.

Here is the link to the Super Bowl XLVII 2013 $ Ad Spend Grid.

The usual big ad players --Pepsi and Budweiser (Anheuser Bush)-- along with popular brands Toyota and Volkswagen -- are returning to the game but many in it for several years such as E*TRADE,, GM Ford, and Subway are all out this year.

What do you think? Are the Super Bowl TV ads generating enough awareness and momentum for a brand? Can the $4 million price per 30 second TV ad be the reason why big brand, repeat advertisers are pulling out this year?

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