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The 11th Annual Work Life Matters Gala honors top companies for LGBT

" increasing number of companies are becoming more engaged by providing benefits, services and support for LGBT employees. This year, three of these companies are being honored for the second consecutive year, with another eleven being honored for the very first time. All of these companies are true pioneers and are very courageous to have stepped forward. But they know that by supporting all employees, everybody benefits, regardless of sexual orientation. It's all about attracting and retaining the best talent, and it is our hope that other companies will follow suit."
~~ Lori Sokol, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher of Work Life Matters, Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post & Board Chair of Women’s eNews.
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Photo Collage below courtesy of Work Life Matters and James Grant PR.
On Thursday, October 24, 2013, corporate business leaders, VIPs, performing artists, actors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, leaders in media, personalities, philanthropists, activists, advocates and politicians gathered at the premiere members-only, Club 101 on Park Avenue in New York City for The 11th Annual Work Life Matters Gala Honoring Top Companies for LGBT Equality.

Rich vivid colored logos transformed the backdrop which complimented the “rainbow” carpet as stellar attendees graced the atmosphere to share their thoughts and perspectives on the importance of LGBT Equality and to celebrate the leading 14 companies being honored.

The select list of Top Companies for 2013 represents the industry leaders who have pioneered leadership for LGBT equality and have spearheaded programs, partner benefits and other initiatives for equal opportunity for all employees including disabled.

Honored Corporations for 2013 are:

Stellar guests included:

♦ Tamsen Fadal, Emmy winning Anchor of PIX 11 News
♦ Chase Coleman, Star of the hit series “In Between Men"
♦ Lauren Logiudice, Actress/Writer
♦ Timothy Mandala, 30 Rock, The Ropes & All My Children
♦ Aryn Cole, The Sisters Plotz , Ugly Betty, All My Children
♦ Jennifer Gelfer, Actress, Director, Co-Executive Producer & Director of "In Between Men"
♦ Stacey Tisdale, Business Correspondent, Al Jazeera America
♦ Scott Stanford, Co-Anchor, PIX 11 News
♦ Quincy Morris, Executive Producer & Creator of "In Between Men"
♦ Wendy Diamond, Publisher of Animal Fair Media/Philanthropist/Correspondent for The Today Show
♦ Nick Mathews, Star of the hit series "In Between Men"
♦ Camilla Barungi, Model/Entrepreneur/Activist of "Project Runway" fame
♦ Javier Gomez, Noted fine art photographer/Activist
♦ Candace Johnson, Author & television personality, "Sleeping with MANHattan"
♦ Levi Wilson, Actor, "The Sisters Plotz"
♦ Lisa Ferber, Playwright, visual artist, screenwriter, story writer, lyricist & Creator of The Sisters Plotz
♦ Josh Folan, "What Would Bears Do?," "All God's Creatures," "All My Children," "One Life to Live"
♦ Brice Mousset, Artistic director & founder of the acclaimed dance company OUI DANSE
♦ Lakey Wolff, Talent Agent, Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty Talent Agency (CESD)
♦ Erik Bottcher, Assistant Deputy Director of Community Outreach New York City Council
♦ Lois Braverman, President & CEO Ackerman Institute for the Family
♦ Lisa Hammer, Filmmaker, actress, composer & singer, The Sister Plotz

NYC's 101 Park Avenue venue, known for it’s spectacular millennial dining room, is one of the most highly rated membership-based business luncheon clubs in New York City.

Photos above left, exterior Club 101and below right "Big Subway-Motif Apple" sculpture adorns the dining hall entrance by

Work Life Matters Magazine is a national business publication that provides news and analysis about the corporate, public and social issues inherent in the quest for achieving effective work life balance on behalf of the nation’s workforce.

Published since 2002, the publication pays annual tribute to companies that serve as leaders in their respective fields by providing innovative and effective work life balance programs and policies for their employees.

For more information visit Work Life Matters web site .

Some event photos already posted on Facebook at The 11th Annual Work Life Matters Facebook Photo Album.

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