Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moving Families Forward Gala benefitting Ackerman Institute for the Family: With exclusive Paterini.com photos and interviews by Gloria Buono-Daly

"... The institute was founded by my father and it's very exciting to see where we've been and where we're going..."
~~ Jeannie Ackerman Curhan, Board Member, Ackerman Institute for the Family and Honoree Ackerman Distinguished Service Award; Quote excerpt taken during red carpet interview.
Photo above of Jeannie Ackerman Curhan, courtesy of Andrew Paterini, Paterini.com.

"... After 53 years we moved our institute from the upper east side to it's new location at East 22nd and Broadway. And we built a state-of-the-art facility for the families that come to see us and for training the next generation of family therapists. So we're really thrilled, it's a very exciting year for us..."
~~ Lois Braverman, LCSW, President and CEO, Ackerman Institute for the Family. Excerpt taken during red carpet interview.
Photo above of Lois Braverman, courtesy of Andrew Paterini, Paterini.com.

"... I am a passport member of the Ackerman Institute and I'm a huge, huge...I love this place...incredibly intelligent people..."
~~ Trevor Crow, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, radio show host and author of new book "Forging Healthy Connections: How Relationships Fight Illness, 
Aging and Depression," co-authored by Maryann Karinch.
Photo above of Trevor Crow, courtesy of Andrew Paterini, Paterini.com.

Spectacular "see what you missed" photos on the red carpet are all courtesy of model, actor, photographer, Andrew Paterini, Paterini.com

There were many takeaways from this spectacular event and stay tuned for more coverage of one to one interviews to be added here soon including interview with event host Natalie Morales, NBC Today News Anchor and Co-Host of the third hour, Colin Farrell, Film Actor and Family Advocate, etc.

Since 1960, the Ackerman Institute for the Family has achieved international prominence and earned national awards for the development of innovative models of family therapy, professional training, and community programs for families facing major life challenges. One of the first training institutions in the United States committed to promoting family functioning and family mental health, Ackerman is dedicated to helping families at all stages of family life.

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Stay tuned for the exciting “See What You Missed” video of the event which will include special interviews from the President of Ackerman Family Institute as well as honorees and host.

Additional resources:

The Ackerman Institute for the Family is a training institute for family and couple therapy. The Institute was founded in 1960, in New York City, by Nathan Ackerman, who became its first president and from whom the Institute derives its name. It is located at 936 Broadway, New York City.

Ackerman Institute's mission is to provide:
• Couple and family therapy services through its on-site Clinic (licensed by the State of New York Office of Mental Health).
• Training programs for mental health and other professionals on-site, in community settings and internationally.
• Research initiatives that focus on the development of new treatment models and training techniques.

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