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Mobile and HTML5 integrating big time: 'evergreen marketing insighter' by Gloria Buono-Daly

About a year ago, I reported the latest findings on HTML5 for email marketers. A lot has happened since then. Mobile and big data have taken center-stage with the latest innovations and developments for incorporating HTML5 and mobile in retail, especially the convenience store and gas service station arenas.

That blog post I wrote last year had to do with the latest HTML5 developments for embedding video in email marketing campaigns titled "Email marketing campaigns and the value of HTML5." A lot has happened since that article posted particularly HTML5 expanded capabilities for implementation into many retailer systems and networks. This has prompted many emarketers to revisit the way they market to consumers.

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Convenience store retailers and other businesses have embraced HTML5 and mobile at full speed.

According Eikos Partners, "the retail, particularly gas station and grocery industries, are implementing mobile, and they are using HTML5 successfully to assist with their efforts."

The findings were reported during The Tech Event, a gathering of the nation's top innovators in the retail, gas station and grocery industries hosted by the National Association of Convenience Stores held a few months ago (Monday, May 6, 2013).

The major element that makes mobile key for retailers is convenience, with a close 2nd, portability. For example, an employee's mobile handheld device (e.g., smart phone, tablet, ipad, etc.) can be integrated with an employer's systems and networks essentially enabling an employee to use his/her mobile device to do his/her work.

During the event it was noted how one gas station attendee used his mobile iPad device to digitally change his gas station's price signs, an otherwise time-consuming task of physically having to go outside, get on a ladder and make manual adjustments. Speech Bubble with Cloud and Colorful Application Icons, photo left, courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.

For many emarketers, the latest consumer mobile trend validates there's much more to HTML5 besides embedding video for email campaigns. Since 2002 when email marketing became mainstream, emarketers were trying to create the look, feel and interactivity of email campaigns to be more like that of Web sites and filled with rich media.

However, the latest innovations integrating mobile, particularly with HTML5, have put this initial objective on hold as retailers, particularly convenience stores, gas stations, and department stores implement mobile into their systems and networks.

The growing trend of more consumers using their mobile phone (or other mobile device) to check their email messages coupled with many more employees using their mobile devices to do their job, will result in retailers increasing productivity while lowering costs.

As more stores feature digital messaging displays, more employees will update messages with simple touches on their mobile devices. This enhanced geo-target store model, along with opportunities for emarketers to customize many regional email messages to consumers with more relevancy, ultimately creates more targeted, personalized and effective emails. Portability, speed and geo-targeting are adding to the already enhanced convenience factor of mobile.

HTML5 was developed over 5 years ago and is still not mainstream for emarketing in the U.S., but for the retail industry, mobile is growing exponentially from integrating HTML5.
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Embedding video into an email still has not been perfected, and marketers are left with the alternative of providing links to landing pages for email recipients to view videos. The most popular, Adobe Flash, is a proprietary software and although it has more features than HTML5, many companies are beginning to support HTML5.
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With the latest findings in Mobile, will email marketing become something of the past?

While many marketers believe mobile integration has shifted the paradigm, Responsys Inc., reported that the rising use of smartphones indicates a higher number of shoppers will check their emails more frequently.

Responsys reported that 45% of shoppers open their email through a mobile device and major retailers have responded by increasing the amount of promotional emails by 20% (from an average 177 emails each in 2011, to 211 in 2012).

Email Design Review, reported that when HTML5 is not supported (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail) it’s still easy to specify fallback content like an image with a link, so users of those email clients don’t feel like they’re missing out. Photo Left, social media sign courtesy of

Email Design Review also reported that HTML5 video is supported on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and some Android devices, plus on the desktop Apple Mail and Hotmail and plays fully when the hosted version of a campaign is viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (9 and above).

Is your company mobile-ready and integrating HTML5 in systems and networks?

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Mobile and HTML5 integrating big time is part of the 'evergreen marketing insighter'♦♦♦ series by Gloria Buono-Daly

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