Sunday, April 21, 2013

'One to One with Gloria' & Eunice O'Malley at the Georges Malaika Foundation & Noella Coursaris Musunka ‘The Rise of Congo: Empowering Through Education’ Fundraiser in New York City

'One to One with Gloria' & Eunice O'Malley, Applause Africa

Enjoy the latest "see what you missed" video from the Georges Malaika Foundation & Noëla Coursaris Musunka “The Rise of Congo: Empowering Through Education” Fundraiser at Asellina, New York City on March 19, 2013.

Watch, learn, be inspired and stay tuned for more exciting red carpet coverage!

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"One to One with Gloria" interviews by This video was produced using photos and audio recordings from personal "One to One" interviews during the event with Adobe FinalCut Pro software by Maria Benevenga, Senior Design Specialist and Creative Extraordinaire.

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Named in memory of Noella Coursaris Musunka’s father, Georges, and the Swahili word malaika, for ‘angel,’ the mission of the Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF) is to “empower through education”. GMF is dedicated to the advancement of African communities by providing educational opportunities to young girls, ages 5 to 18. For more information and to make a donation visit

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