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Super Bowl XLVII commercial TV ads sold out

“The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It's part of our culture like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays beyond their meaning, a factor in our economy.”
~~ Bob Schieffer
, American television journalist who has been with CBS News for 44 years and principal anchor since 1973. Schieffer has a total of 56 years as a reporter and was selected to be inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame alont with CBS CEO Les Moonves.

This year, the Super Bowl XLVII will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, February 3rd where NFC champion San Francisco 49ers will play the AFC Baltimore Ravens. Super Bowl Sunday is known as the biggest day of the year for TV ads and known as an American cultural phenomenon.

Besides the excitement of the football game and the commercial TV ad spots, CBS 2013 Super Bowl halftime show is the most watched musical event of the year.

This year features 16-time Grammy Award winner and Pepsi spokesperson, Beyonce, who will perform during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. Will Beyonce “lip sync” or not?

According to a recent The New York Times article, "Super Bowl Commercial Time Is A Sellout," CBS has sold all available commercial time for Super Bowl 2013 with record-breaking prices. Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, has also said that he anticipates raking in more than $225 million in advertising revenue.

So how much do these ads really cost? Ad Age states that the costs have increased slightly from the "casual $3.5 million to an average of $3.7 to $3.8 million." Some spots cost as high as $4 million. This calculates to an average rate of $126,667 per second using the $3.8 million per 30-second spot ad.

A total of six automakers are expected to advertise eight car brands during the game, while six additional companies will advertise eight beverages.

Super Bowl first-time-advertisers include The Lincoln Motor Company (Ford), Soda Stream, The Milk Processor Education Program (i.e., famous for the “Got Milk” print ads), and a few other notables.

To request a pdf of the Excel spreadsheet of Super Bowl 2013 advertiser $ ad spend (screen-shot above left), simply email with "CBS Super Bowl 2013 Spreadsheet" in subject line.

Since 1989, the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter has been bringing viewers together to rate the commercials on hand-held meters. There’s still time for those interested in participating go to

According to Nielsen, last year, 111 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl 2012 game, and this year more viewership is expected.

The usual big players, Pepsi and Budweiser (Anheuser Bush) as well as other popular brands Taco Bell, Best Buy (starring Amy Poehler), Century 21 and are returning to the game .

Super Bowl 2013 Ads have interactive user experience include Toyota, Pizza Hut, Lincoln, Coke, Audi, Pepsi and Doritos Frito Lay.

Last year NBC reached a record $250 million in total Super Bowl 2012 advertising as reported by The Fiscal Times.

The Wall Street Journal reported last May that General Motors, who has spent $135.2 million from 2002 – 2011, and only 4.7 million for Super Bowl 2012 will not advertise at all in 2013. They will however have pre-game ads.

Here's the iconic, E*Trade Baby ad for Super Bowl 2013:

Doritos® contest included quite a few ads on their Facebook page asking viewers to participate by voting for their best. Here's my pick.

Doritos® also has the Teddybear Prison themed ad “Crash The Super Bowl” is also out on YouTube and this year a public vote will choose one Doritos ad to air during the Super Bowl;

A few advertisers already with ad-teaser campaigns include Coca-Cola who gave up the signature pristine, Polar Bears for a "Mirage" on the desert with Badlanders, Cowboys and Showgirls all racing for a giant bottle of Coke and there's still time to cast your vote.

Mercedes Benz released "Slow Motion Car Wash" teaser ad that stars swimsuit model Kate Upton in a tank top and jeans.

Here's the controversial "Perfect Match" ad (Refaeli kissing Nerd)

There is a January 2012 release on YouTube of "The 25 Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time,” in descending order (25 down to 1 last). Most on the list are repeat advertisers including PepsiCo, Etrade “Babies”, Doritos, FedEx “Caveman," Bud Light, Toyota, etc.

In economic times, regardless of consumers pocket sizes, do you think famous celebrity, entertaining and

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To request a pdf of the Excel spreadsheet of Super Bowl 2013 advertiser $ ad spend, simply email with "CBS Super Bowl 2013 Spreadsheet" in subject line.

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