Monday, October 29, 2012

Winds in my backyard from Hurricane Sandy: Video and haiku

"Winds in my backyard earlier today. Hurricane Sandy hasn't even arrived here, yet the winds are strong enough to move things around. The full moon is going to increase gravitational forces creating even more severe weather. The eye of the storm will be arriving soon. I hope our big old trees, fine young trees and even our lovely pergola hold up. Fox News just reported that the central part of the storm will be arriving in Atlantic City, NJ soon. The storm will most likely be hitting us in about 4 hours. Watch the video I took in my backyard -- one can hear the power of the storm and see the trees swaying in the air as the powerful winds grow stronger and stronger. And enjoy my haiku too!"
~~ Gloria Buono-Daly

If the embed video doesn't work, click this YouTube Video link:

Haiku - Winds in My Backyard

winds are a' blowing
trees, leaves, and all things going
up, down, round n' round

by Gloria Buono-Daly

Here are two more videos taken about 2 hours after the first video.

Winds have picked up heavier although the eye will not arrive until another few hours. Where are the wicked whitches? This is a so spooky just in time for Halloween and perfect weather for them to be flying on their broom sticks. This video was taken later at about 4:30 p.m.

If the embed video doesn't work, click this YouTube link:

Here's another take of winds in my backyard. Later on in the day today about 5:45 p.m. in Yonkers, NY. Notice the change -- Winds have picked up a lot, yet the eye of the storm still has not arrived and won't until another few hours or so.

If the embed video doesn't work, click this youTube link:

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  1. We have power but are so sorry for those who do not. Hopefully power will be back for all by Friday or Saturday. Enjoyed your video and your cute haiku.