Thursday, October 18, 2012

Google celebrates Moby Dick with doodle: Happy 161st to Herman Melville’s classic

“Among Herman Melville books, "Moby Dick" had really crummy sales. Many reviewers at the time either ignored or insulted the novel. So why does everyone, including Google, revere "Moby Dick" today?”
~~ Google

Hard to believe, Herman Melville’s classic, "Moby Dick," was not well received 161 years ago (1851) by British reviewers and bombed big time. "Moby Dick" sold only 500 copies in the United Kingdom, compared to 6,700 for Melville's first book, "Typee."

According to The Christian Science Monitor“shortly after Melville's death in 1891, his publisher reprinted several of his novels, including "Moby Dick." These new editions excited New York's literary scene. Like long-smoldering embers, this underground movement kept Melville's name alive. Eventually, the flame spread. So much discussion surrounded "Moby Dick" that many people gave the book a second chance.”

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  1. Would love to have one of those first copies of Moby Dick

  2. Moby Dick is what I've always associated Melville with. It was like his calling card to me but I never knew it was not so popular back in the day

  3. I actually seen the doodle on Google and didn't know what it was there for. At least not until I seen your post.