Saturday, June 2, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 years on the Throne

“In a welcoming of bells, the Queen arrives at Westminster... The Queen anointed, blessed and consecrated...

And in cloth of gold with a golden girdle...

And as poetry and music may speak great meanings and little sounds, so now thoughts of her too and history are lived in moments of short sentiment...

And so out of the Abbey and into the London which waits to receive her.”

~~ Sir Laurence Olivier
English actor, director, and producer; Narrator, The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953

Today, 4 days of Diamond Jubilee festivities, marks a multinational celebration throughout 2012 and begins with the Queen taking in a 41-gun salute by the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery at Horse Guards Parade in central London.

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee marks a historic milestone in the iconic monarch's reign.

On June 2nd, 1952 Queen Elizabeth began her reign and the Queen still rules 21,900 days later (60 years).

Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations, and head of state of the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.

Queen Elizabeth II experienced the most change, traveled widely, and became acquainted with so many heads of states than any other monarch in history. She is the patron of over 600 charities.

The Coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II followed a similar pattern to the coronations of the kings and queens before her, being held in Westminster Abbey, and involving the peerage and clergy. However, for the new Queen, several parts of the ceremony were markedly different.

The coronation of the Queen was the first ever to be televised (although the BBC Television Service had covered part of the procession from Westminster Abbey after her father's coronation in 1937), and was also the world's first major international event to be broadcast on television.
Today also marks the second time in history a Diamond Jubilee is celebrated. The last was Queen Victoria -- great, great, Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth -- who celebrated 60 years on the throne some 115 years ago back in 1897.

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  1. Great write up! I read about this a while back and didn't understand what the hoopla was about until now.