Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will Dance For Food Benefit - December 11, 2011: See some of what you missed!

"some eat and sleep dance, so others can eat and sleep..." -- Will Dance for Food 6th Annual Dance Showcase.

I am so proud of my niece, Mariel, for being a part of the amazing charitable event, it's 6th Annual Dance Showcase, "Will Dance For Food."

I was so excited to see her be a part of this worthy event and she was so happy to be a part of this wonderful experience to help those in need.

It is said that dancing comes from the heart, and indeed it does.

Seeing my niece appear and perform on stage with Mr. Robert Taylor, Jr. of "So You Think You Can Dance" group was truly a moment I will cherish.

It was so wonderful for everyone but I was especially proud and impressed to see her be a part of this amazing event -- it brought tears to my eyes,

I adore her not only because she is a beautiful niece but for her kindness and consideration for others and for her love and appreciation of the arts.

My hope is that all those dedicated artists who eat, sleep and dance so others can eat and sleep continue doing so that someday there will be an end to all this hunger and homelessness!

A full house auience woooooohoooooed the spectacular dancers at the 6th Annual Dance Showcase "Will Dance for Food" Benefit today at The Mary Lou Meese Theatre, Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY.

The dancers represent the best of the most talented Westchesterites and were members of various dance studios throughout Westchester County. Also appearing was special guest Mr. Robert Taylor, Jr. "So You Think You Can Dance" luminary.

The Will Dance for Food performance on Sunday, December 11, 2011 was dedicated to Rosa W. Boone-Morgan, former director of The Westchester Coalition for the Hungry & Homeless, Inc.

Enjoy these "see some what you missed" videos:

Special Guest, Robert Taylor Jr. - Break it Down

FINALE - Groove is in the Heart - The Final Bows

The Will Dance for Food benefit aims to raise awareness and funds for the poor, hungry and homeless.

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"some eat and sleep dance, so others can eat and sleep..." -- Will Dance for Food 6th Annual Dance Showcase.


  1. While watching these videos I couldn`t help but laugh! I mean specially the "Break it Down" .. I think that this is an awesome idea when you think about it and for a "fundraiser" it is genius!

  2. How fun! There's nothing like pure passion to bring home a point.

  3. Your niece is really a inspiring person, she have used her talent of dancing to help the poor at a charity show in such a young age. Really, that is a great thing she has done, and I am sure that she will get success and become more successful with her passion of dancing.

    Congratulations to you for having such a wonderful niece and to your niece for being such a wonderful person.

    And not to forget this post also has another inspiring quote, what makes your blog posts especially unique are the featuring of relevant quotes at the top, and I just love it :)