Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy 90th B-Day to Art Clokey - Creator of Gumby

Happy B-Day to Arthur "Art" Clokey, ) innovative pioneer in stop motion clay animation.
In 1955 Clokey produced Gumbasia, an experimental film about claymation. This film help him and his wife, Ruth,come up with the idea of his clay character, Gumby. Gumby and his horse Pokey became popular on American TV and later they got their own series “The Adventures of Gumby.” In the 1980s American actor and comedian Eddie Murphy parodied Gumby in a skit on Saturday Night Live. In the 1990s Gumby: The Movie was released, sparking even more interest. Born Arthur Charles Farrington in Detroit, Michigan on October 12 , 1921 he died in his sleep on January 8, 2010, at age 88, at his home in Los Osos, California after suffering from a recurrent bladder infection.
On October 12, 2011, which would have been Clokey's 90th birthday, Google paid homage to Clokey's life and works with an interactive logo doodle in the style of his clay animations.

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  1. 90 years!! WOW thats so close to 100 years. I didn`t know that much about "Clokey" until I read this post it was so interesting and the fact that he is the creator of Gumby was huge to me and what I stand for! Thank you for writing this post!