Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Are Corporate Blogs By Women Not Supported By Their Constituents?

"I do not think “real” leaders are the kind of paranoid people that get to the top quickly but fall quickly"
-- Grace Bosworth, President of Global 2 Local Language Solutions

"It's cool to get back up if you fall! But don't let the threatened and insecure -- males and females -- pull you down!" -- Gloria Buono-Daly
Whenever I begin another consulting assignment at a major corporation I observe and research the respective environment and Web site and end up with the same question -- “Why are the leading women's corporate blogs not being supported by women?”

This absence of commentary is a red flag and illustrates a much bigger problem at the company in the form of ineffective communication, counter-productivity, negativity and low morale. It only takes a few minutes to read a corporate blog and write a comment -- especially when the blogs are so interesting, informative and worthy of comments. For the past few years I have noticed that women at major corporations are not supporting fellow corporate women’s blogs.
Recently I contracted at a corporation with over 200,000 employees as a senior product marketing consultant and noticed that there were less than a dozen comments from one of their business unit's blogs yet there was a wealth of blogs on that corporate Web site. This lack of support is mind-boggling and serves no purpose but to breed negativity. How long can employees continue destroying what employers are paying them to build up?

Does this start from the top and trickle down to the bottom? Watch out, your company's stock may be headed for another plummet. I am always so positive and impressed by professionals when I work at a new corporation and learn about the company, especially by reading blogs from the corporate leaders, attending seminars, and navigating the corporate Web site. Yet, I do not understand why these major corporate blogs with the potential of having so many visits and views, do not receive the adequate feedback from fellow employees.

It ceases to amaze me of how the threatened and insecure employees intentionally thwart and insult the professional consultants -- the basis is obviously these employees are afraid that the new consultants will get noticed for their cost saving, productive contributions, and showing interest and support for corporate initiatives including blogs. Unfortunately, the productivity and business success is compromised because of these essentially useless and insecure employees. Yet, senior department heads are in the sand and corporations allow this to go on -- the familiar, AIG-ish, corporate status quo -- "Our government's bail-out money will pay our salaries; we're too big to fail," etc.

As a professional marketing executive who has been contracting for many Fortune 100 corporations and trust me, I get the big picture relatively quickly, I see many issues including lack of support, particularly among women executives. This is compromising the financial health of the corporation on a national and global level.

Negativity of this nature results in not only low employee morale and little or no ROI but dissatisfied customers.

Are professional women still living in the 1980’s when one women has to be thwarted in order for another women to succeed? Why is this sentiment common for women and not men? Could this be why professional women have not advanced as much as men? Have women turned competition into a game of back-stabbing tactics that do nothing but destroy the morale of a corporation? And what about corporate diversity and multi-culturalism -- is it destroying what women are working to achieve?

I believe corporate diversity is indeed compromised. Many top consultants have experienced their work thwarted and being intimidated by corporate employees. Whenever the consultants report the issue, their contract ends. A very common tactic, is when employees use inappropriate language in the form of misleading adjectives towards the consultant to make the consultant feel insignificant and themselves feel powerful and important. And we wonder why so few women make it to the top?

According to Grace Bosworth, President of Global 2 Local Language Solutions, “We wonder why women have not advanced as much as they should, but, when a women gets some kind of control, she acts as if she did it all by herself, and tries to push down anyone that comes near her level. We don’t try to help each other; we make it more difficult for each other. …The only thing I can control in this world is me, and I know that to change the world, I must first change myself. Do I look at a woman who has done well for herself with suspicion? Do I hesitate to spend time on a project that may not put me or my company in the limelight?… I do not think “real” leaders are the kind of paranoid people that get to the top quickly but fall quickly. We as women have to do better. Most of all, I vow to not say negative things about people I really don’t know. If we could all vow just that little thing, I see women taking great strides.”

So tell me do you believe corporate blogs by women are or are not being supported by their constituents? What are your favorite blogs? I’d be delighted to take a read, share my perspective and add them to this list.

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PS This list will change but only with your help. So do send me your favorite blogs, bookmark this one and visit frequently. Thanks!


  1. I have never thought about this but it us very true at my company too. I think everyone just doesn't make it a priority to read these blogs. I will definitely make more of an effort now after reading your post.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  2. Wait woman are working hard? .. just playing around. Honestly I feel like woman always work hard at what they want to do and what they like to do. The only question I have for them though is Why do women still appear to not be supportive of efforts and endeavors by others? I mean why do they work so hard at that?

  3. Well, Indeed this is a unique and debatable topic that you have come up with. I will give you a honest answer, I think that we really cannot generalize that women are not supportive for other women.
    Women indeed are supportive, for their colleagues and friends, and this relationship is more strong in females rather than males.
    But, here the question arises in the topic of corporate blogs, and I must appreciate you had the time to Digg this issue. Well, we cannot see much interaction and advancement in the women society in the terms of blog and all. So, this may be one of the reason for the lack of support in the corporate blog, because, not everyone may be interested in each other's topic and the subject they have written on, and this is natural to be so.
    Well, this is my opinion, and may not be true for every sense, but according to me, this is the root cause of the lack of interaction and support in corporate blogs..

    1. I really appreciate your thoughts and candor. Thanks for sharing too.