Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Social Networking Your Way to a Job

On November 16th, students and professionals gathered at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus in New York City for a discussion on the social networking challenges and opportunities. The panelists addressed various aspects ranging from basic networking and promoting your personal brand to integrating Web 2.0 technology into career networking.

The panel was moderated by Eileen Sharaga, President, Career Resources. The speakers included Donna Sweidan, Founder, CareerFolk, LLC, Ronna Lichtenberg, CEO/Co-Founder,Videotrope, and Tonia Mattu, Career Coach and Consultant, Mercury Group.


While the internet is increasingly crucial for career networking, Sweidan believes that to be most effective, integrating social networking is the key to building your brand. “LinkedIn is like an online resume. The Professional Process is also valuable on Facebook,” says Sweidan. “Twitter is huge for professionals,” she added.


While social networks are powerful, Lichtenberg recommends that you be very clear about why a hiring manager should hire you. “Know your differentiation and know what makes you stand out,” says Lichtenberg. “Like Seth Godin’s Purple Cow,” she added.


While it is important to spend time on your computer, social networking can be a distraction. “You can’t be in your pajamas all day on the computer,” says Mattu. “Get out of the house and your energy will come off differently,” added Mattu.


On what it takes to become an advocate on social media, has a lot to do with knowing what you want and identifying the tools and knowledge. “I’m naturally curious and I like to read great blogs from all over the world. You can visit my Twitter account and see who I’m following to understand,” says Sweidan.

• Make sure you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
• Start and Comment on discussions
• Know your brand, what sets you apart
• Speak in Present Tense when describing yourself
• Be prudent in asking and providing endorsements

This seminar, produced by Center for Communication, is part of their 2009 Fall Seminar Series and appears as a weekly television series, Media City on NYC TV. This program is also video-streamed on the CenCom Website.

written by Gloria Buono Daly (c) 2009

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